Our Service List

601 Grooming Service
Bath and Tidy

Here is a great way to Freshen up your Pet! Service includes the following... Bath Brush Out Blow-dry Nails Trim/Grind Ear Cleaning Sanitary Trim Face/Foot Trim Pad Shave Tidy Coat


Add one or even two Bows to your darling! Looking Fab!!


Pooch Plumes are feather fur accessories for dogs, All natural, handmade feather arrangements that are easily and inexpensively applied to add style to your dog’s coat. The feathers come in a selection of colours, patterns and sizes to fit your pet’s personality. Pooch Plumes arrangements allow you to choose subtle tones to blend with your pet’s natural coat or super charged brights to stand out from the rest. Pooch Plumes are made of the highest quality feathers and will stay in your pet’s fur for at least four to six weeks, if not longer! As the feathers are 100% natural they can be washed, brushed and groomed, just like your dog’s fur. Everyone will notice your little darling with our Plooms!

Flea Shampoo

Fleas and ticks are troublesome pests that live on your dog by sucking its blood. It is important to check your dog's skin regularly for signs of these parasites. Fleas leave tiny specks of dried blood that looks like grains of black pepper. Ticks will bury their head into your dog's skin so you will only see about 1/2 of the tick sticking out. The tick is grey in colour. It is important to check your pet even after the warmer weather. Despite the cooler temperatures in the fall season, fleas and ticks are very resilient. We offer a flea and tick control shampoo that will kill these parasites. It cleans and conditions the coat and leaves the pet smelling fresh and clean!

Full Groom

This is our Most popular Service! Your pet is pampered from start to finish! Service included the following... Bluberry Facial Bath Brush Out Blow-dry Nails Trim/Grind Ear Cleaning Sanitary Trim Face/Foot Trim Pad Shave Premium Haircut Finishing Spray Bandanna

Nail File

Nail Trim ( Walk In )

If a dog's nails are allowed to grow, they will curl over into a spiral shape; walking will become increasingly painful to the dog as they grow, putting pressure on the dogs toes (a bit like walking in shoes that are too small). Uncut nails may curl so far that they pierce the paw pad, leading to infection and debilitating pain. By not trimming your dog's nails on a regular basis the quick (vein) will grow to the length of the nail, making it nearly impossible to cut properly.


Treat your sweet fur baby to a pawdicure! Nail painting in dogs is growing more popular by the day. We use a "Pet Friendly" nail product that is sure to show off your little darlings pawzz!

Speciality Shampoo

It is important to keep your dog's coat clean and healthy. Bathing your dog on a regular basis can help you achieve this. It is important however, not to over bathe your dog as this can cause skin irritations by removing the natural oils from the coat. A general rule of thumb is to bath your dog every 6-8 weeks. We offer a wide variety of shampoos and conditioners to choose from. The specialty baths are an add-on service to our package services for an additional $10.

Teeth Brushing

Dental care is important for all dogs. Just like humans a clean mouth can impact your pets health as it ages. According to a 2011 study, the most common illness facing dogs is dental disease and 78 percent of dogs aged three and up have it. Symptoms of dental disease are bad breath, yellowed tartar at the gum line, broken teeth, loss of appetite, gum inflammation and heavy drooling—including bloody saliva.